Dreamz Crochet Hook
Dreamz Crochet Hook

Dreamz Crochet Hook

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Available in a palate of beautiful colors that coincide with sizing, these hand crafted crochet hooks are lightweight and feature deep grooves for optimum yarn hooking. Their polished surface insures effortless glide, making them great for a variety of yarns. Consider these hooks for your next crochet project, you’ll be happy you did!

  • E (3.5mm)- Aquamarine
  • F (3.75mm)- Orange Lily
  • G (4.0mm)- Fuchsia Fan
  • 7 (4.5mm)- Grey Onyx
  • H (5.0mm)- Cherry Blossom
  • I (5.5mm)- Misty Green
  • J (6.0mm)- Candy Pink
  • K (6.5mm)- Purple Passion
  • L (8.0mm)- Royale Blue
  • M (9.0mm)- Fuchsia Fan
  • N (10.0mm)- Aquamarine
  • O (12mm)- Burgundy Rose