Spotlight on: Chain Knitting Row Counters

I will admit that when we got these Chain Knitting Row Counters in the shop; I never thought I would actually use them. I love my Cocoknits Row Counter. The click is so satisfying, and it locks so they do not accidentally advance in my knitting bag. I still use it from time to time, but when I knit a larger project, my Chain Row Counter from Twice Sheared Sheep is on my project. 

Why do I love this counter? I never forget to advance it. So let me explain how it works.

When you start your project, you knit a few stitches and put the row counter on your needle, as you would a stitch marker. Then when you come to the counter, you move it down to the following number on the chain. If you are counting multiple sets of ten, use the melody stitch marker (that comes with it) to mark the 10’s. You can do the same with stitch repeats by using the melody marker to note the number of repeats you have completed. 

In the photo below you can see I have completed row 8 of my repeat and the melody marker is above the number 3 so I have completed 3 repeats.

Confused? Check out Twice Sheared Sheep’s Video

Give one a try, you will have one for each project soon! (and how cute is the Enamel Bunny?)

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  • Mimi on

    These look very interesting but I can’t believe there isn’t a sheep:)

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