Spotlight On: Online Shop Questions

Creating the kits in the newsletter is one of our favorite things to do each week. It is our curated look at what has sparked our interest of late. 

We get questions from time to time about our online shop, and I thought I would take a moment to answer a just a few:

How do you select kits for the newsletter? 
There are so many projects out there, and for many of us, Ravelry is a sea of options. We all spend a great deal of time combing through Ravelry, social media, and emails from vendors. Quite honestly, most of our favorite kits are inspired by what you all wear into the shop! We love to see what you all are working on and your FO's.

If one of us at the shop has not already knit or is not currently knitting the project, we select the yarn in the shop we would use and pull the full palette from the shelf. After that, the fun starts...we get to select colors! (BTW, Koryn is very good at this!)  We always try to match the designer's color choice as closely as possible and then we create a collection of variants that we feel make the pattern sing.


Why do some kits not include the pattern? We try to include the pattern in most of the kits that we sell online. We either have access to a free pattern or can purchase them for you on Raverly. Local Yarn Stores use a portal on Ravelry called RaverlyPro to make those purchases. Some designers do not choose to sell their patterns on RaverlyPro or even on Raverly.  If that is the case, we cannot purchase it for you because that designer has not authorized an LYS to sell their pattern. We always provide a link where you can buy the pattern, and we will ship you the yarn.

Are colors accurate in our photos? We do our very best to ensure that the colors shown online are accurate. That said, we cannot guarantee that the device you are using is showing the color accurately. Every computer, monitor, cellphone, and tablet shows colors a bit differently. If you do have a question, you can give us a call, and we're happy to help.

You sell out of kits so quickly! Oftentimes when we share our weekly newsletter, a lot of what we feature sells out.  We try out best to recognize when this happens so we can create more kits. We may even have alternative yarns for you as well.  You can always send us an email at or give the shop a call for help with curating a kit.


Why did I run out of yarn? We base the yardage offered in kits on the yarn requirements noted by the designer. Please remember to check your gauge! If your gauge is off, it will affect the amount of yarn used in the project. You can always give us a call, and we can help you purchase another skein to finish the project as long as it is in stock.

If you have any fabulous projects that you thing would make great kits, feel free to DM us on Instagram! We love to hear from you!







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