Woolfolk Day!

What a fun Saturday.  The shop was filled with lovely knitters, yarn, samples and joy. In my book, nothing is better than that, well except, perhaps knitting with Woolfolk!  

Meredith, the operations manager of Woolfolk, started by presenting a slide show talking about Ultimate Merino, Ovis 2, and the herds in the Patagonian Grasslands.  She touched on their committment to ethical and sustainable practices. Inspiration for color and patterns is guided by the company's North star and founder, Kristin Ford and I must say we love it.

"Our pattern collections are wearable, clean and minimal; our focus is on design that is both timeless and modern. The quietly sophisticated color palette is inspired by the same sense of purpose; the curated range is on point with runway fashion while staying true to clean design."

So what were some of the most popular designs at the trunk show?  Take a peek below for  A LOT of inspiration.  If you want to see these samples, we will have them in the shop for the next couple of weeks!

Jubel in Luft:
This is the sweater Meredith wore for the event. This was huge favorite of the group. It has a nice all over texture, a low-high hem and a fabulous cable running up the side of the sweater.

Dige in Fleck:
This was another popular project and everyone seemed to love the softness of Fleck.

Cloverdale Sweater and Skirt in Flette:
Koryn could not take this off.  Soft, easy to wear and classic.  The sweater looks great with jeans too!

Thyma in Flette Bulky:
We sold this sweater like crazy and are featuring it in this week's newsletter. I got to try it on and it is soooo cuddly! 

Orken in Tov DK:
This vest will be on my needles soon. I wore this on Saturday (you can see me in it in the photo above) and do not want to give it back! It fits perfectly and I love the texture.

Kabine in Flette Bulky:
This will replace my puffy vests in the winter. I am going to get an extra skein to make it a big longer but I loveeeeee this.

Relling in Woolfolk Flette Bulky:
Another SUPER cozy piece that you all liked. Don't you want to put this on when it is cold and rainy outside?

Drop by the shop to check out these great pieces. Be careful! You won't walk away empty handed! ;)

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