HOTN: Friday Slipover

I am someone who loves a vest. In fact, live in a puffy vest. For our climate, they are the perfect outerwear when paired with a sweater. Keep my core warm; the rest of me is happy.

We featured the Friday Slipover as a project of the week back in February, and I thought that I would knit one for myself. It has a few features that I like, a crew neck, simple shaping at the armhole, and a textured all-over pattern that is easy to knit; a broken rib. When deciding on the yarn for the project, I followed Koryn’s recommendation and used Sandes Garn Duo. She had knit the Outline Raglan in a beautiful shade of blue/grey and enjoyed the feel of the yarn, and was very happy with the finished product.

So off I went, creating a swatch in a great color for me, grey;) I usually go down a needle size, but I was right on gauge with the recommended size, noting that a broken rib grows with wear.

Uufta, the yarn is beautiful to knit with. I think a traditional blue and white striped project is in my future!

Gauge in check, I am ready to collect the notions for the project and cast-on. PetitKnit patterns are well written.  Do not overthink what she is telling you to do. Many of her projects are knit, back of yoke, then shoulders, front of yoke, and body; giving the top-down piece some structure. The broken rib pattern is a snap to see and knit.

Don't the shaping curves look fantastic around the neck and arms?

Even though I usually lengthen the body of a sweater, I did not with this vest. I was surprised when trying it on with the TKB cords; it hit me just at the right spot. 


The pattern uses the Italian Bind Off. Though you can just do a more simple bind-off if you prefer; give this one a try.  It is actually quite simple! 

From cast-on to bind-off, I truly enjoyed knitting the Friday Slipover. So much so, I am eyeing another color of Sandnes Duo

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