What shall I knit next?

So I want to knit a summer sweater for myself and have been going back on forth on what to knit. I truly like all of these sweater and yarn combinations, so I thought it would be fun to put it up for a vote to see what you all like the best.

Option 1: Tresoro by Isabell Kraemer in mYak Kupa. Cotton and yak are combined for this lovely yarn with a beautiful color palette. I have been wanting to get Kupa on my needles and caught a glimpse of this striped version of Tresoro by a test knitter on Instagram. Cute, right?

Option 2: Anker's Summer Shirt by PetiteKnit in Plymouth Sea Isle. I really like Mette's patterns, and this is a new yarn for us in a pima cotton and merino wool combination.

Option 3: Glide by Woolfolk in Stra. I have been looking at this pattern for a year.  It looks like a tank that will give me the coverage I would like, and it would probably look great under a jacket. 


Option 5: Saga in Plymouth Sea Isle. Our friend Britt-Marie just knit a short sleeve version of her Saga.  Love the big stripes!

Option 5: Color Tip Tee by Emily Curtis. I dont know what yarn I would use yet, but this is a cute sweater. I would make the sweater in two shades of the same color and do the ribbing in a lighter shade.  Perhaps Puno Winikunka?

Help me decide!  Go here to vote!  


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  • Irene on

    I vote for #2 Anker’s Summer Shirt.
    I think it would enhance Ann’s already good looks.

  • Elaine Nicol on

    Love the Anker Tee Anne , I knit it for my daughter and she loves it , such a useful piece to have

  • Margaret on
    would love lovely on you! The simple but elegant detail at the neck seems to suit you.
  • Stacey on

    I love my Ankers sweater. I made mine long sleeve but bracelet length. The Pattern was great!

  • Terri O’Connor on

    Option 2
    I’ve seen it done and it’s beautiful

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