Spotlight On: Sweater Care

A variety of sweaters are a must-have for my luggage. I just traveled to a climate similar to our own here on the peninsula, so I definitely needed some layering pieces. Depending on the length of my travels, I like to pack a few to interchange during my trip. This could mean extra wear, so as I unpack, I like to make sure to give each one a little TLC before going back on the shelf in my closet.

Follow along with me as I give my sweater a quick once over for any spots that might need to be pretreated before it heads to the bath. I forgot to mention that I also keep an eye out for any damage to the fabric so I can make any necessary repairs.

Also, if you have a specific stain that you need to remove, like coffee, chocolate, etc., refer to this very helpful blog post from Woolmark. It is filled with some good advice.

I hope you've enjoyed this insight into how I care for my sweaters.  Do you have a similar process as me or some additional tips? Please share by posting a comment here. I’d love to hear about them!

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