Spotlight on Staff: What's in the Bag? Connie Edition!

We're having so much fun peeking inside everyone's project bags!  Katie has shared her favorites and last week, Ann shared her travel must-haves.  This week we take a look into Connie's bag...

Connie, what's in your project bag?

I’m having so much fun knitting the Bay Breeze Tee by Jill Zielinski, I can't seem to put my needles down!  It's also such a treat as I am knitting it with a yarn we'll soon carry in the shop: North Bay Fiber’s Elemental Fingering Yarn. I cannot wait for our patrons to get a hold of this fantastic yarn–it's so lovely.


My project has plenty of space to grow inside my Magner Bag.  I love these bags because of how well they stand up and open wide. The pockets are perfect to hold my blue Walker bag that houses my Firefly Notes sheep tin (which holds my chain row counters, cable locks, a key for tightening my interchangeable needles, etc.), my TKB cords, crochet stitch fixer, a nail file (so handy!) and a small tin for my tapestry needles, alongside my pattern. Its mesh fabric makes it easy to see everything. 


A slot for my erasable pens and pocket for my tape measure makes it all very accessible. I also have a pill organizer that is perfect for storing my different stitch markers from Cocoknits and All Stitch Studios to name a few, as well as my vintage scissors.


Your tee is shaping up beautifully, Connie!  And your pill box for markers? Clever!  Thanks for sharing a peek inside your bag.  

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  • Joni on

    Love to see inside your project bag! I keep similar items in my Namaste backpack, which is a treasure of mine. I use the pill container too! My sister turned me on to that idea.

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