What's in the Project Bag?

Have you ever found yourself on a trip or perhaps waiting at an appointment with your knitting in tow but can't knit because you're missing a key notion or tool?  Read on for our list of essentials that should be in every project bag.

One of the first things we like to select is some sort of pouch that will keep notions and small tools tidily together. Our top pick? These zippered pouches from Walker Bags. Their mesh fabric allows for easy visibility and flexibility. We love that they come in various sizes

If you want to get a jump start on your collection of notions, the Wool Notions Pouch comes with scissors, a tape measure, and stitch markers so you can add to it as you go along. This is a great option for a new knitter or someone who wants to freshen up their knitting tools.


The Cocoknits Project Wallet is another stellar option for notions. Its eleven pockets and three removable tabbed folders will keep you organized. This neat wallet can also stand upright, making it perfect for keeping all of your favorite Cocoknits notions at the ready.


Where do we begin with stitch markers? There are a plethora of options out there! While we do love a fun stitch marker charm, a few of us at the shop tend to favor ones that have dual functions. Like sets with instructions: sock instruction stitch marker set, sweater knitting set, or a handy-dandy make 1 left / make 1 right reminder clip marker set.

Of course, it's always a good idea to have some simple markers on hand. Our pick?  Cocoknits Flight of Stitch Markers gives you a complete set of classics.


You might think that carrying scissors isn't essential while on the go, but what happens if you finish your project early? Or does your pattern calls for tassels? Maybe you like to weave in ends as you go. Having a good pair of snips is key.  From heart-shaped Little Loves Scissors to Gold Vineyard Scissors, we carry quite the variety.  One of our faves? The Flower Power Scissors. These small scissors can tuck into any notions bag.


One key item a lot of knitters tend to leave out of the bag is measuring tapes. Don't let this halt your project! Most patterns, if not all, ask us to knit or crochet to certain lengths. Keep a simple measuring tape in each project bag, or select a ruler so you can keep on knitting (or crocheting!). We're quite fond of our Monarch Knitting Tape Measures. ;)

Some other essentials to keep stashed in your rotating project pouch are equally important: a tapestry needle, a repair hook, some cable needles, and a knitting row counter.  


Depending on what you like to knit most, you might need some specialty items. Sweater knitters always need to put stitches on hold, and TKB Cords do the job perfectly. I even wrote a blog post about why they are always in my notions bag. Sock knitters will find the Sock Sizing Bracelet a handy tool to have on hand, as well as a Knitting Barber Pocket Scale. (We are out of them right now but should have them in stock at the start of May.)

Pro-tip: Having multiple of the absolute essentials will come in handy!  You can store a few together in a pouch and easily transport them from bag to bag.  So, what are some of your must-keeps in your project bags?  Do you have a rotating set or do you prefer the same ones?  Let us know in the comments! 

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